About Us

  About Us:


The Company prides in its images of a complete hospital supplies

Corporation, offering products, process and dealing with international clients

Which repeatedly stand recognized by International business standards and


ORSON is known synonymous with high quality, efficient service and close

Correspondence with its customers.
Its success depends upon those who work for it and equally on those who

Work with it.
The company is growing in an evolving industry and ORSON has promised

Itself to stay up to date with changes.
ORSON certified an ISO-9001, ISO-13485, GMP and CE mark. ORSON

Produces their product according to international standard.



ORSON International is led by a dedicated Team, with a broad set of skill sets and experience across the healthcare and logistics industries.


  Our Commitment:


To consistently manufacture quality surgical instruments that can serve their purpose in the most effective and efficient manner in the global healthcare industry.

To provide the peace of mind to doctors who use our instruments and to lend them a helping hand in saving lives.




To be a valued brand name associated with the manufacturing of quality medical devices. And to be recognized as a reliable global institute with strong logistics and intricate customer relationships.




To continuously develop our technical expertise on the basis of technology, customer feedback, and quality workforce.

To form strategic joint ventures within the industry, and to fulfil our social, ethical, and industrial obligations in the most effective manner.


  Our Strengths:


Sourcing of quality raw materials.

Completely in-house production processes.

Experienced and technically qualified workforce of 500 strong.

Use of latest manufacturing technologies and machinery.

Implementation of management technologies (like ERP) and hands-on problem solving methodologies (like Six Sigma).

Compliance of strict technical and regulatory standards.

A sense of morality, honesty, and hard work in all our dealings.


  Our Business:


·     primarily in the business of surgical instruments manufacturing, Orson offers more than   9000 instruments:

·         Which Include 

·         General Surgery Instruments

·         Dental Instruments

·         Tungsten Carbide Instruments

·         Economy Instruments

·         Electro surgical Instruments

·         Diamond Dusted Jaws Instruments

In addition to the above offerings, we can also manufacture customized products given a sample or drawing for the item of interest.